How to Read a Story


I recently read Kate Messner’s How to Read a Story (illus. Mark Siegel) with my 1st grade students. It is an excellent story about encouraging a love of reading. It served as a great mentor text for my students to write their own book on how to read a story.

We began by brainstorming the steps. While Messner’s book lists 10 steps, my students came up with 20 steps. They begin with a visit to the library, cover book selection and reading strategies, and end with returning the book and finding another one. I typed each step, then cut them into strips, and gave each student one (some of them two) of the strips. We used Wixie by Tech4Learning to create our book. After a quick introduction to Wixie, the students began by typing the steps and then adding stickers representing the text from the software’s built-in library, selecting a colorful background, and “signing” their names. The last step was recording the students reading each step.



The students loved worked with Wixie. They explored the software discovering several features I had not shown them and they helped each other when they got stuck. For me, this was a quick and fun project, allowing me to emphasize reading, while letting the students show their creativity.

How to Read a Story Book.1

A special bonus: I sent Kate Messner a tweet with a link to the students’ book. When I read my class her response, the students shouted, “We are going to be famous!” Thanks, Kate Messner, for helping to make our project more authentic!

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 5.04.44 PM

Download our book from Apple’s iBooks!



2 thoughts on “How to Read a Story

  1. A great project using Messner ‘ s book. I want to investigate Wixie and incorporate it into a user reading activity. Thank you for posting.

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