Awesome Alphabet Animal Alliterations


My second-grade students recently learned all about alliterations and then created their own digital versions, which we compiled in a book. We started by reading Maurice Sendak’s Alligators All Around and defining alliteration. We thought about the purpose of alliterations (adding interest, helping with memorization) and then as a whole class brainstormed lots of words that begin with the letter B before writing our first alliteration:

Blue birds blow big bubbles.

Then the students set out to create their own awesome alphabet animal alliterations. Students each drew a letter and then completed the following organizer, some of the using a dictionary to find lots of interesting words:


Once students completed the organizers, they used the Book Creator app for iPad to create their alliteration page. They typed the alliteration, drew a representative image, signed their work, and then emailed their page to me. I collected all alliteration pages and compiled them in a book.


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