World Traveling with the Green Screen App

The last few weeks of the school year, my 3rd grade class researched information about a country of their choice. While engaged in the research process, they explored a variety of technology resources to gather information, synthesized what they found, … Continue reading


Libraries in the Internet Age

Thank you Common Craft for creating a video about the roles of libraries and librarians in the Internet age.

This video licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC 4.0).

Enhancing Community and Literacy With Quality Commenting

My friend and colleague, Andrea Hernandez, and I regularly host a parental engagement program at our school, called Parent Connect. Each session focuses on a literacy-related topic, most recently on “Quality Commenting.” At our school student blogfolios (blogs + portfolios) not only serve to showcase student learning, but, more importantly, as a platform for connecting reading and writing to a specific purpose–a platform for authentic communication. It’s blogging as a pedagogy. In the continuous process of creating and nurturing a community for reading, writing, and thinking, quality comments are a important piece of literacy instruction. So our goal with this session was to entice parents/grandparents/friends to regularly dedicate some time to respond with quality comments to our students’ blog posts. In nurturing student creativity and literacy with our blogfolios, we’ve also found a means of building community!

To learn all about quality commenting, please watch this video created by our 5th grade students.

Coding: A New Literacy

My students in grades K through 5 once again participated in the Hour of Code week, an effort by the non-profit to promote computer science in the classroom. We used various apps and websites to explore the basics of computer programming, including KodableHopscotch, Tynker (both web-based and the app version for iPad), and various tutorials from the site (a favorite was the series of puzzles, Code With Anna and Elsa, which are based on Disney’s Frozen movie hit). It’s always great to watch the kids get excited and really into solving problems and creating animations. Read here about last year’s experience. Watch the video documenting this year’s fun and highlighting some of the skills learned.